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Saturday, April 09, 2005

WOW its been awhile

It has been some time since I last wrote anything. Well let's see what has changed? Oh nothing since my last post really same schedule, same reading, and still behind. With finals looming on the horizon my anxiety level has skyrocketed that is for sure. All of my classmates as well are stressed. I am probably one of the more sane ones. I guess my philosophy is that I will work as hard as I can and hopefully my grades will show it. What is funny is how stressed everyone is yet they all have time to go out and party or play softball. It's all about finding the "perfect" outline they say or buying the right hornbook or commercial outline. Well all of that stuff is great but without looking at it what good can it be. I have several commercial outlines either Gilbert's or Emanuel's one for each class and that is about all I can read in the time I have. I came to the conclusion that time is my enemy. If anyone has a device that could stop time for about a month let me know! Well I am gonna sleep and then this weekend is LIBRARY weekend YEAH. I plan on closing it down. I remember when I used to close down the bars NOW I close down the library. But I would not change a thing! I truly still love law school even with a semester ALMOST complete I think to myself every day. Wow your a law student, how freaking cool is that! BUT check back after finals and see if I have changed my tune. Somehow I doubt it will have.